« Since prehistoric times, people fascinated by the wild world around them have felt a strong need to illustrate it. In the past, cavemen and their cave paintings; today, divers and their high-definition photos. Is this not the continuity of the same pictorial tradition? Across the ages, perhaps it’s the same homage, derisory but reassuring, to the inexplicable beauty of nature. » L.B

Led by Laurent Ballesta and the Andromède Océanologie team, the Gombessa Expeditions use innovative diving methods to bear witness to the inaccessible mysteries of the underwater world through naturalist photography, scientific protocols and documentaries.

Dreaming an impossible dream
To go where no one goes
I don’t care about my chances
I don’t care how long it takes
To reach the unattainable star.

(Excerpts from La Quête, Jacques Brel)