The fire under the sea


  • Meticulous scientific protocols, impossible to achieve with a robot

  • A series of deep and long dives
  • Aeolian Islands, Italy

From northern Sicily to the Bay of Naples, this expedition participated in a study of volcanoes, exploring sites more than 100m below the surface. From the valley of the underwater volcanoes of Panarea, to the underwater gardens of Stromboli, to the black hole of Vesuvius, this scientific adventure, initiated by the Italian vulcanologist Francesco Italiano and Roberto Rinaldi, has collected precious data which will feed the research of vulcanologists of the Mediterranean for years to come.




  • The expedition focused on 3 major studies

Scientific research: scientists explored underwater hydrothermal systems to better understand the impact of ocean acidification and global warming, as well as the functioning of volcanic activity allowing risk prevention. The team encountered rare ecosystems that have been until now difficult or even dangerous to access.

Performance: Physically demanding dives. A particular challenge is linked to the “black hole” site which combines the difficulties of deep diving and underground diving. In open sea sites, positioning of divers was both essential and complex.

Unpublished images:

unpublished photographs of underwater life associated with volcanic activity. Photogrammetry has made it possible to “fly” above the reefs and contemplate them in their entirety: aerial images of the underwater world! Production of a 52’ documentary for ARTE channel.